Emergency Operations Centre Volunteer Positions
Telecommunications Manager
  • Establish necessary communications from the Emergency Operations Centre and the emergency site.
  • If necessary, request additional telephones from MTS for Emergency Operations Centre and emergency site.
  • Arrange for additional radio equipment and operators from volunteer organizations.
  • Log all actions.
Transportation Manager
  • Arrange transportation as requested.
  • Direct transportation resources as required, i.e., taxi companies, buses and aircraft (consider mutual aid).
  • Determine gasoline and diesel requirements for emergency.
  • Log all actions.
Emergency Social Services Director
  • Activates emergency social services plan.
  • Ensure that the needs of evacuees are met i.e., accommodations, feeding, registration and inquiry, personal services and clothing.
  • Ensures that the Reception Centre is set-up.
  • Co-ordinates volunteer organizations, who may be involved with the above activities.
  • Assist reception communities in whatever way possible.
  • Log all actions.
Public Information Manager
  • Provide timely reports for public, especially information regarding evacuated persons, through the media. The Mayor/Reeve, council or the Emergency Coordinator must authorize all media releases.
  • Provide news releases to radio, television and newspapers.
  • Establish liaison with the provincial Communications (media specialists) staff.
  • Establish media facilities
  • Monitor the media for possible errors being reported about the emergency.
  • Establish a means of informing evacuees of the activities undertaken in the community. Creating a daily newsletter, could provide this information.
  • Maintain a log of all actions taken.
Volunteer Coordinator
  • In conjunction with the Municipal Coordinator and the administration staff develops and maintains listing of volunteer organizations and/or people.
  • Works with other Emergency Operations Staff to provide volunteer resources where and when needed.
  • Maintain listing of volunteer resources that have been deployed to the emergency staging area or wherever they may be deployed.
  • Maintain a log of all actions taken.
Resources Manager
  • Working with the Municipal Emergency Coordinator, develop and maintain resource listings of equipment.
  • Coordinate the utilization of these resources in an emergency when requested by the Emergency Operations Centre.
  • Maintain a log of all actions taken.
EOC Scribe
  • Record and update pertinent information on the EOC log screen during operation of the Emergency Operations Centre working in conjunction with the EOC manager and Public Information manager.
Member at Large
  • Assist with or fill in any EOC positions as requested by the EOC manager.
If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please contact Denis Vassart at (204)392-5996 or email hanovereoc@hanovermb.ca.