Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs
Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

All private swimming pools and/or hot tubs capable of containing more than 24 inches (600 mm) of water require a permit and must be inspected by the Municipal Building Inspector. This includes ALL types of above and below ground pools including temporary or seasonal pools.

All private pools must be completely enclosed with a fence or other suitable barrier erected in accordance with Part 10 of the Manitoba Building Code as follows:
  • The fence must have a minimum height of 1.5 meters (5 ft) including a gate which shall be self-closing and equipped with a lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry;
  • There shall be no openings other than the entry to a building or gate and it shall be constructed so as to prevent a child from crawling under either the fence or the gate;
  • Where material other than the chain link is used, the outside surface of the enclosure shall be relatively smooth so as not to provide foot or toe holds;
  • Chain link fencing may be used but must be at least 11 gauge;
  • The enclosure surrounding an outdoor pool shall be maintained in good repair.
Pool covers of any type, material, manufacture, or strength do not count as a suitable barrier. Hot tubs may substitute a lockable cover in place of a fence. However it must be strong enough to support the weight of an adult walking on top of it.
The Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Application Form can be found by clicking here.