Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural buildings less than 600 m2 (6458 ft2) in size receive their building permits through the RM of Hanover. Farm buildings in excess of 600 m2 are regulated by the Office of the Fire Commissioner. In both cases the RM of Hanover must grant a development permit for the construction of the proposed building. This will be required before the Office of the Fire Commissioner will accept a building permit application form. A development permit confirms that the proposed building complies with all of Hanover’s zoning requirements and allows the municipality to determine if variances or conditional use orders are required prior to building. If Hanover is issuing the building permit, the development permit is part of the building permit.

When deciding whether Hanover or the Office of the Fire Commissioner has jurisdiction over a project the whole size of the building is taken into account. This means that even if an addition itself is less than 600 m2 it might still have to be permitted by the Fire Commissioner. If the existing building already exceeds 600 m2 or the proposed addition will bring the total area up to or over 600 m2 it must be applied for through the Fire Commissioner.

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