Aggregate Mining
All Aggregate Mining & Transportation activities are regulated in the RM of Hanover by way of Provincial Legislation.
A part of this legislation allows for the assessment of a mining fee for all aggregate excavated from a property in the Municipality. A transport fee is applied for the hauling of any aggregate on municipal roads established as Haul Routes.
The aggregate mining levy is charged in lieu of improvement taxes on the property. The Province of Manitoba changed its legislation in the mid 1980's to allow municipalities to levy fees in lieu of personal property taxes on aggregate pits and equipment.
The RM of Hanover has a program which enforces this By-Law. Its mandate is set by council.
The By-law Enforcement Officer will from time to time stop trucks to ensure that load limits and travelling on designated haul routes are being adhered to.
Any questions or concerns regarding haul routes should be directed to the By-law Enforcement Officer at 326-8656 or 346-7131. To report any other traffic violations, please contact your local RCMP detachment.