Collection Carts

Collection carts are provided to each property located in urban centers as part of the automated collection service.

Damaged, Lost or Stolen Carts

Contact RM of Hanover by calling 204-346-7129. We will look at the circumstances and arrange for you to receive a replacement cart or have your cart repaired (e.g. lids, wheels). If your cart is stolen or damaged through neglect or misuse, we will replace it at your expense.

Protecting your Cart

Record the serial number stamped on the front of the cart and keep it in a safe place. This will help identify your cart if there is a problem.

Extra Waste/Recycling

Residents who have waste and/or recycling amounts not addressed by the standard collection carts can choose to:

  1. Haul extra garbage and/or recycling to the Steinbach Landfill, located south of Steinbach at 104 Hanover Road E. (tipping fees apply).

  2. Purchase an additional cart for an annual fee (see below).

Purchasing an Additional Cart

Additional carts are available for purchase. Service fees will be also be applicable for the extra cart. Payment will be required by cash, debit or cheque at the RM of Hanover office prior to picking up or having your cart delivered.

Upon payment, pick-up is from the RM of Hanover Public Works building located at 25145 Road 33N in Kleefeld.

Payment Conditions:

  • There are no refunds if you cancel your service part way through the year.
  • We will add the charge automatically each year to your property tax bill for the period of January 1st to December 31st, unless you cancel the service and return the bin.
  • If the cost to provide the additional service goes up, the annual fees could increase to recover these costs.

Top Reasons Why Your Cart Might Not be Serviced

  1. Cart not at the curb before 7:00 a.m.
  2. Cart is over-filled. Overfilled carts will not be emptied.
  3. Waste or Recycling piled on top of your cart
  4. Extra Waste or Recycling piled around your cart
  5. Waste or Recycling placed in containers other than the cart provided (e.g. garbage bags, garbage cans) 
  6. Bin not placed close enough to the curb
  7. Bin too close to obstacles
  8. Non recyclable or banned materials located in bin

Banned Materials

The following items should not be put in a cart:

  • Hazardous waste—the danger symbols on labels can help you identify many hazardous waste products (e.g., oil, oil filters, paint, solvents, propane tanks, batteries).
  • Electronic equipment (e.g. televisions, DVD players, computers, printers, cell phones)
  • Dirt, sod, or rocks
  • Bricks, metal, or concrete
  • Construction/renovation materials
  • Auto parts (e.g., tires, brake drums)

Moving Your Cart

  • Make sure the cart lid is closed.
  • Grab the handle with both hands and tilt the cart towards yourself.
  • Push or pull the cart to roll it. Do not drag the cart.
  • Push the cart when going downhill and pull the cart when going uphill.

Be Cart Smart

  • Keep the lid closed at all times. Lids that are left open on collection day can be damaged when the cart is emptied.
  • Do not jam materials into the cart. Recycling/garbage must be able to fall freely when the cart is tipped. 
  • Do not leave recycling/garbage beside or on top of your cart. Only items inside the cart will be collected. 
  • If there is no space on the street in front of your house, place your cart at the end of your driveway. 
  • Bag all messy or smelly recycling/garbage before putting it in your cart.
  • Regularly rinse out your cart with a hose or a vinegar/water solution to control odors. 
  • Do not allow children to sit, climb or stand on the cart lid, or to play in or around the cart. 
  • Place only your accepted materials in your bin. Learn what you can recycle.
  • Do not place banned materials in your cart 
  • Keep the cart as far back from the path of vehicles as possible

Winter Cart Tips

  1. Bring the cart back onto your property as soon as possible after collection. 
  2. Make sure the area around and under your cart is clear.
  3. Clear the snow and ice off your cart to ensure the lid opens when the cart is tipped into the truck.
  4. If there are snowbanks along the curb, place your cart a little further out from the curb. Please make sure your cart is not blocking traffic.
  5. Do not place the cart behind or on top of a snow bank. 
  6. Be careful when moving your cart if the ground is slippery.