Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the zoning of your property, you are allowed a maximum of one Animal Unit per four acres of property without a conditional use or variance. If you own less than four acres of land or have an urban, commercial or manufacturing zoning on your property then you may not have any domestic animals on the property other than household pets as defined by the Animal Control By-law.

Yes, the Animal Care and Control By-law makes it illegal to have more than three dogs and more than three cats that are more than four months old on a property.

You would be required to make an application for a Conditional Use Order (fee $250.00). This application requires approval from RM of Hanover Council.  

Yes, the RM of Hanover requires each dog owner to license their dog(s) in all areas of the municipality. Dog owners are required to provide a current rabies vaccination for the dog(s) and to complete an application to receive a dog tag.  All licenses are good for the life of the dog, and no yearly fees. 

Dog License Application

We have at times adopted dogs that have not been claimed, but we prefer not to. If a dog is adopted through the pound, we insist that it is spay/neutered, has its rabies shots and is tattooed before it goes to the new owner.

About 23% of the dogs captured or turned in to the municipal pound keeper are returned to their owners. We place adoptable dogs with shelters or rescues where they are fully vetted before being adopted to new homes. If a dog has extreme health issues, shows signs of aggression or is unable to be placed in a shelter, it is humanely destroyed in a manner approved by provincial standards.