Secondary Suite Permits

A secondary suite is an independent self-contained dwelling unit which is either attached to, or detached from, a primary dwelling on the same property.  Secondary suites are used for a variety of reasons including caring for elderly relatives, providing independent living for adult children, and earning additional income by renting out the secondary suite.

Secondary suites are conditional uses in the AG, AL, RR, RRs, and RS zones and are prohibited in all other zones.

Secondary Suite development requires a Residential Building Permit.

Secondary Suite Requirements:

  • Attached suites must be a minimum of 350 ft2 and cannot exceed the lesser of 80% of the total habitable floor space of the principal dwelling or 861 ft2.  
  • Detached suites are required to be smaller than the primary residence and must not exceed 861 ft2. Detached suites must be separated from the primary residence by 10 ft. 
  • A suite which is part of a detached garage cannot exceed 861 ft2.
  • Secondary suites need at least 1 parking space, an independent entrance to the suite and hook-ups to municipal water and sewer utilities if applicable. 
  • Apart from size restrictions already mentioned, home occupations or home based businesses are not permitted in secondary suites. 
  • Only 1 secondary suite is allowed on each site. Secondary suites must meet the zoning requirements for their area. Secondary suites cannot be built on the same lot as a duplex or any other multi-family dwelling. 
  • Secondary suites will be charged a non-refundable additional dwelling unit fee of $3250. This is in addition to all other permit fees and on top of the refundable permit deposit of $2500. 

For more information contact the Permit Administrator at  204-346-7125 or email for more information.