Frequently Asked Questions

Contact RM of Hanover by calling 204-326-4488. We will look at the circumstances and arrange for you to receive a replacement cart or have your cart repaired (e.g. lids, wheels). If your cart is stolen or damaged through neglect or misuse, we will replace it at your expense.

The wheeled carts are in many ways easier to role than lifting a garbage container.

No, you can place your cart out on any of your collection days.

Do not take the cart with you if you move. The cart is property of RM of Hanover and is assigned to each address through a serial number and an electronic tag. If you move, store the cart in a safe place for the next resident.

No. The collection trucks will not empty carts sold by home improvement stores.

The automated collection truck cannot turn the cart around as it picks it up. Dumping the cart "backwards" can break or damage the lid. 

Yes, but if must be unlocked and moved to your collection point before 7:00 a.m. on collection day.

You can store your cart where you now store your garbage container (e.g. carport, garage, at the side of your house, just inside your fence). You must store your cart on your property between collections. Carts left by the street are more at risk of theft, vandalism, and damage from snow plows. 

You can:

  • Grass cycle/mulch - simply leave the grass clippings on the lawn after mowing, the clippings dry out, decompose, and recycle the nutrients in your lawn.
  • Backyard composting
  • Haul your yard waste to the compost bins located in your community. Learn more about Community Compost Depots.

Residents are responsible for keeping their cart clean and secure. If the cart is damaged or vandalized from neglect, residents will be responsible for the cost of replacing the cart.

The collection arm on the automated truck requires space so it will not tip over the other carts or damage property (e.g. parked vehicles, fences).