Land Use and Planning

Land use planning is an essential part of building healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities.

Land Use By-Laws

RM of Hanover Zoning By-Law

The Zoning By-Law sets out specific rules for development and land use in RM of Hanover.

RM of Hanover Building By-Law

The Building By-Law provides information about the building construction process, including permits and guidelines.

Land Use By-Laws can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

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Contact the Planning Department at 204-346-7126 or Submit a question or request.

Importance of Planning

Land use planning helps communities establish their vision for the future use of land, resources and natural features, and outlines the steps required to achieve that vision. It involves managing land uses and deciding where best to develop homes, parks, agriculture and industry, and where things should be left in their natural state. 

Through the planning process, communities can decide the future course of their growth and development and ensure that citizens are involved in the decision making. Sound planning will balance private and public interests and help communities manage change, avoid land use conflicts and respond to future challenges.

Land Use Planning In Manitoba

Land use planning in Manitoba is a partnership between the provincial and local governments and their citizens. Each plays a key role in ensuring the planning process is a success.

Province's Role

The Province, through The Planning Act sets the legislative framework for land use planning in Manitoba.

Provincial Planning Regulation sets out the Province's interest in land and resources. This regulation guides local and provincial authorities in preparing land use plans and making sustainable land use and development decisions.

View Manitoba's planning legislation and regulation:

The Planning Act
Provincial Planning Regulation
Subdivision Regulation

Role of Local Government

In Manitoba, planning districts and municipalities are the local planning authorities responsible for the development of land and resources in their designated planning areas. Using the Provincial Land Use Policies as a framework, these local authorities prepare development plans to chart future land use and development activity for their communities.

Local authorities pass zoning by-laws that regulate activities identified in the development plan. These plans also guide and regulate decisions like the subdivision of land, the local provision of infrastructure or other public services.

Property Ownership Maps

The Municipality of Hanover sells property maps produced by Repromap Inc. This is done at cost as a service to our ratepayers, business, and government.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, if you would like to have your name removed from the municipal property ownership map, please send your request in writing identifying the parcel from which you would like your name removed.

The Property Ownership Maps are available for purchase at the RM of Hanover office. The cost is $45.00 plus GST (subject to change).