Junior Firefighter Cadet Training Program

The Firefighter Cadet Program is a new program being implemented within the Hanover Fire Department as a training program for young men and women, aged 16 to 17, interested in serving their community and preparing to become active firefighters upon reaching the age of 18. At age 18, the Firefighter Cadet may be eligible to participate in the Level I and II Firefighter program and become a full member of the Hanover Fire Department.

As a Firefighter Cadet, members are expected to help out at the station as required and to participate in the formal training program. The Firefighter Cadet attends training drills with their respective station. Any HFD officer may serve as the primary contact person for the Firefighter Cadet. Those selected are expected to act in a mature manner and commit to a demanding, long-term program.

The safety of the Firefighter Cadet is of paramount concern to the Department. As such, the activities of the Firefighter Cadets are limited in scope and the fire officers closely supervise them. The Firefighter Cadets quickly become an integral part of the firefighting team. It should be understood, however, that despite the training and supervision provided, firefighting is a dangerous activity and serious injury is a possibility. The fire officers will make every effort to minimize the Firefighter Cadets’ exposure to danger. It is also the responsibility of the Firefighter Cadet to avoid known hazardous situations.

Due to the inherent dangers of firefighting, strict rules of conduct and tight procedural standards have been established. It is essential that all firefighters, including Firefighter Cadets, act in a calm and efficient manner. The Firefighter Cadets are expected to attend training drills and be prepared for the many challenges presented.

Applications and Consent forms are to be sent to:

Gary Kehler, Fire Prevention Officer / Lead Instructor